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Sochi Vodokanal restores water lake at village Kalinovoye ozero

For many years the residents of this beautiful corner of the Sochi have had difficulties with water. Old aqueduct was destroyed, and thus they used primitive damming water in the homes of villagers appeared at best 30 - 40 minutes a day.

In response to numerous requests from citizens of the head of administration of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov instructed LLC " SochiVodokanal " to provide residents with water.

Specialists of Sochi Vodokanal restored  the aqueduct from the pumping station located in the nearby village Izmailovka . They conducted a reconstruction of tanks with clean water , put in order , and sometimes re-paved water networks in Kalinovoye ozero.

- These networks are more than one year in the network have been derelict condition, entire sections had to be changed, - says Sergey Antoniuc , Deputy General Director of " SochiVodokanal ." - In total, it took us more than a month to fully restore the water supply of the village.

Now fully provided with clean drinking water, apartment houses of the village, school, kindergarten . As for the private sector , the existing water supply system capacity again enough for all residents. Now comes the process of concluding with " SochiVodokanal " contracts to supply, install the unit of accounting, after making all the necessary documents homes are connected to properly operate the water supply network .