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Specialists of "Yugvodokanal" work in emergency mode

It took several days by OOO " Yugvodokanal " to eliminate the consequences of the disaster that has raged in the Kuban on the night of 23 to 24 of September. Three days of emergency dispatch services were forced to work in an emergency mode .

Per night September 24 electricity at the pumping station of the third ascent REU " Troitskiy group water " was disconnected seven times , the first at 01.17 a few minutes. The work started in all seven pumps after disconnecting the experts did not even have time - 01.42 there wasin new trip . With a short interval electricity turned on , then disappeared again . At 08.41 it was off again , this time there was no electricity for several hours until 12.40 . All this time the water was not supplied in some localities of the Krymskiy region , as well as the water supply is not carried out to consumers MUP MO Gelendzhik " WSS " and MUP " Vodokanal of Novorossiysk ." The only exception was the villages Hayduk and Verkhnebakansky . Over 200 thousand inhabitants of Novorossiysk and Gelendzhik  as well as settlements of Krymskiy region were not electrified. The work of two pumping stations of third and fourth ascents was completely stopped.

At 12.50 on 24 September after the power had been put into operation the first pump at the pumping station of the third ascent REU " Troitskiy group water ." By 14.30 there was a run of three more. Water began to flow to the HC-4 . However, to enter the planned mode of water supply , as it was planned in the evening,  was not possible . From 19.50 to 21.20 on the third lift pumping station there was another power outage . To restore the water supply to the working levels of the water took about 8 hours. Thursday at 04.00 they managed to reach the planned volume of water Novorossiysk, at 05.00 - Gelendzhik.

But work on the electricity restoration consequences continued. During a power outage in the penultimate 08.41 09/24/2014 in the engine room of the third lift pump station failed motor BP №1. It was obvious they required urgent replacement . Emergency team under the leadership of Chief Power Valeria Lavrenov arrived at the scene . Reserve motor was taken with the second lift pumping station . Work to replace continued deep into the night , however , the motor was only put into operation on 25 September at 14.05.

" Yeisk group water " LLC " Yugvodokanal"  had to work in emergency mode .On the night of September 25, due to a short circuit due to squally wind is de-energized , all wells " Leningradskoe krylo" . At 6 kV Overhead Line " Kanev wing" out of order one insulator at hole number 7 and one insulator at the well № 8. It was found that the number on the wells 5 and 6 due to moisture were bolted bushings (wear rubber pads ) that resulting in a short circuit around the wing. Work on the liquidation of the accident continued throughout the daylight hours.

At the " Leningradskoe krylo " eight wells were originally launched. And the water was served in the main pipeline . A little later the ninth , tenth, eleventh , etc. were commissioned

To eliminate the consequences of the accident an electrician of the head treatment facilities Vladimir Yakovenko , electricians at Starominskaya repair and maintenance area Anatoly Padalko, Pavel Korzh and Alexander Ivanitskiy we working at the site regardless of time promptly handled all breakdowns . And by the end of the day September 25  all wells " Leningradskiy " and " Kanevskiy " "wings" were put into operation .

" In this situation the specialists of" Yugvodokanal " were doing everything they could to reduce the maximum operating time and as early as possible to give the residents of the water. Our people are fully ready for operational work in any conditions. So we were able to quickly deal with the consequences of binge elements " - commented the CEO of" Yugvodokanal "Vladimir Seredenko .