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Water and wastewater treatment plants congress.

The delegation from JSC “Evraziyskiy” took part in the Third All-Russian congress of water and wastewater treatment plants, which was held in the city of Alushta, Crimean Republic from the April 22 till April 24. JSC “Evraziyskiy” was represented by the Deputy CEO Dmitry Puzanov and the Senior Executive Vice-President of JSC “Rostovvodokanal” Aleksander  Skryabin.

The event was also participated by: A. V. Chibis, The Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing, Utilities and Amenities in The Russian Federation, the Chief Federal Service for Tariffs officer S.N. Zinchenko, the First Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federation Committee on the Federal Structure, Regional Policies, Local Self-Governance and Affairs of the North in Russian Federation A. M. Chernetsky, representatives of Central Office of the Government of The Russian Federation, Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation, FAS, Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, chiefs and representatives of subjects of the Russian Federation, delegations of the professional association from more than 230 enterprises of the water-and-sewage complex, expert and science associations of 36 fields, 7 Russian Federation republics and 6 European countries. The formal program of the Congress was publicized by more than 35 federal and regional news medias, including “Russia 24” channel, “Kommersant daily” and “Rossiiskaya Gazeta”. The event had plenary session, roundtable, debate workshop, colloquy conference and expert briefing format.

At the roundtable meeting, dedicated to water and wastewater treatment plants, the Deputy CEO of JSC “Evraziyskiy” Dmitry Puzanov made a report. As it was admitted in the report, the system problems still exist in the industry, whereas some of them even aggravated due to the inauspicious economical situation. “Crisis development in the economy is to be the time to reconsider and optimize our plans on the development of Water and Waste Water Services. It’s crucial to restrain from dogma, pursuant to which the ineffective unitary enterprises should be replaced by a concessionary. Not only this kind of measure won’t allow us to cure the planned loss-making enterprises, but it will puzzle the management mechanism of the water-and-sewage systems as well; private business is not to set off the previously formed debts by the municipal companies and shall not invest a kopeck of their funds before the efficient mechanisms of return on investment is not formed.” – remarked D. Puzanov.

During his speech at the plenary session “Housing and utility sector development strategies” Dmitry Puzanov called the attention to the Concessionary model of governmental and private partnership. It was stated that the model, which had been counted on when producing the sectoral legislation didn’t work for middle-sized or small towns, for alongside with the high effectiveness it is inherent in critically high complexity for the administrative and price for the final consumer. The sectoral association have spoken in favor of developing the diverse contractual models of public private partnership, that are to a greater extent more appropriate for the current macroeconomic conditions: trust agreements, leasing, and investment agreements. Herewith the development of concessionary legislation should be set to the private business and decline a lot of surplus restrictions and unreasonably requirements, which the government comes upon projects in water-and-sewage sector.

The beginning of 2015 for water-and-sewage sector is characterized by the growing influence of signs of crisis in the economy of the country and the consummation of producing of the regulatory framework at the federal level. Having examined the allegations of the sectoral association, representatives of the government authorities supported the resolution of the conference and agreed over the existence of system problems, obstructing the development of Water and Waste Water Services.

For reference only:

The All-Russian Water and wastewater treatment plants congress is the federal stage for discussing the state policy for the development of water sector of the Russian Federation, prospective of perfection of the legal framework in the sphere of water and sewage, programs of communal infrastructure modernization and budgeting, effectiveness development of water-and-sewage companies, environmental and water bodies protection.

Biennially the congress gathers water and wastewater treatment plants from all the federal districts of The Russian Federation, representatives of research, development and project establishments, ecological foundations, international industry organizations and associations, experts in housing and public utilities as well as private operators, investors and banking structures. The formal program is participated by representatives of the government authorities, RF Duma, RF Ministry of Construction, RF Ministry of economy, RF Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Health and Social Development, RF FAS, RF FTS, Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage, Federal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare, Federal Water Resources Agency, sectoral and territorial government authorities, federal subject and municipality leaders.