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The investment project ‘Water of Rostov’, which is realized on the basis of the ‘Rostovvodokanal’, will be displayed on the exposition of the Rostov region on the forum ‘Sochi-2015’.

The Rostov region will present an investment project ‘Water of Rostov’, which is realized based on the Rostov Vodokanal on the International investment forum in Sochi, which takes place from the 1 to the 4 of October. ‘Water of Rostov’ will be included in a separate block of the exposition presenting advanced experience of Don in the sphere of state-private partnership. ‘Water of Rostov’ (‘Complex program of building and reconstruction of water supply and drainage objects of Rostov-on-Don and south-west of the Rostov region’) – investment project in the sphere of water-supply and sewage economy which costs more than 37 billion rubles, coverage area is more than 1,2 million people. The project is realized on the principles of state-and-private partnership (SPP) and financed from the budget of the Investment fund of the Russian Federation, the budget of the Rostov region and Rostov-on-Don and money of the private investor. The lead time of the project is 2004-2023.

28 objects at the first stage of ‘Water of Rostov’ (2004-2013), secured to the investor of the project ‘Rostovvodokanal’, which is a member of the group company ‘Evraziyskiy’, are completed.

As the result of the realization of the first stage of the investment project ‘Water of Rostov’, all the ‘sore points’ of the water-supply and drainage infrastructure have been eliminated. New projects of modernization allowed to improve the quality of the service on the technological level, ensure epidemiological, industrial and ecological security of functioning of all the drinking water-cleaning constructions.

The second stage of the investment project ‘Water of Rostov’: terms 2013-2018, the amount of finance – around 7.7 billion rubles; the third stage: terms 2019-2021, the amount of finance is more than 12 billion rubles. The second and the third stages are financed at the expenses of the investor.