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The art of clean water

The final exhibition of VI All-Russia contest ‘The artists of Russia are for clean water’ opened in Sochi in the museum of Nikolai Ostrovsky 15 September. There were about 160 pictorial, sculptural and photo works devoted to the topic of water resources conservation.

The contest was held by the Russian academy of art in partnership with ‘Evraziyskiy’, one of the biggest Russian private operators in the sphere of water supply and drainage. Within 6 years, the audience has been demonstrated around 1500 canvases and sculptures, which reflected an idea of water value on our planet in the artistic figures. At the preliminary stage of the competition the works had been presented on the site of CA ‘Evraziyskiy’, the whole time about 50 000 users from Russia, nearest CIS-countries (ex-USSR) and foreign countries had taken part in the internet-poll. ‘The aim of the contest was to popularize the idea of clean water conservation as the basis of the life-quality, health and longevity of the Russian population, today it is more than actual and up-to-date,’ says Stanislav Svetlizkiy, the president of ‘Evraziyskiy’. ‘We are pleased that creative people were included in the working process so actively and have supported our initiative for 6 years.’

 ‘January nostalgia for July sea’ was recognized the best piece of art of VI All-Russia contest ‘The artists of Russia are for clean water’. Its author, an artist from Krasnodar Igor Pugach, got the first prize. The second place was given to the canvas ‘Reminiscence about Voloshin’ of Elena Dudchenko-Molchanova from Simferopol.  The third prize was given to the picturesque work of Victor Vice ‘Warm night’.

This year not only painters, graphic artists and sculptures but also photo artists took part in the creative contest: a nomination ‘contest of photo works’ was included. The debut turned out to be successful, the room with the photographs devoted to the idea of clean water conservation was on the charts. The first prize in the contest of ‘photo works’ was given to ‘Viburnum Lake’ of a young photographer Ilya Bunin from Sochi. Both the judges and the audience were grabbed by the photograph of Maria Spiridonova ‘The dream about far away shores’ which was ranked the second. A recognized photo artist from Sochi Oleg Komissarov and his exquisite mountain scene ‘The Eye’ took the third prize. Special prizes and bonuses marked many authors of both pictorial and photographic works. The final exhibition of VI All-Russia Contest ‘The artists of Russia are for clean water’ will work in the museum of Nikolai Ostrovsky until the 25th of October.

Department of public relations of LLC ‘Sochivodokanal’