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Social Responsibility

Today strategic perspective of social investment is obvious, and it consists in mutual benefits of the fund, citizens, society, and the country.   

For OJSC «Evraziyskiy» participation in socially balanced projects, directly related to the quality of life of the population, ecological safety, creation of new workplaces is a priority. 

The fund Evraziyskiy sees key to success of every project in creation of a partnership of equal rights with territorial bulk of companies, municipal and public associations, citizens of the country. 

Investment projects correspond to major priorities of the Programme of Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation in the Midterm (years 2006-2008) 

Increase of Efficiency of Public Health Care System 

Use of modern technologies of water treatment, as well as sanitization of the system of WS&WD allows achievement of improvement of water quality and social hygiene, decrease of the sickness rate of citizens and quality changes in the level and increase of lifespan of the population. 

Struggle Against Poverty 

Implementation of projects will allow providing of all consumers of the territory with the water of drinking quality in corresponding volume at the least possible price. 

Development of Innovation Sector 

Implementation of projects creates a long-term demand for the operator on use of innovative technology on management of WS&WD infrastructure with the purpose of increase of efficiency rates of own participation in the projects.