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Water supply and water discharge
The Investment Project «Chistiy Don»

Regional investment project "Chistiy Don"

The amount of funding 4.467 billion rubles.
Term for realization 2009-2013
Contract form public-private partnership

The regional investment project "Clean Dong" is unique because it is aimed at solving problems related to the environmental safety of wastewater treatment plant in Rostov-on-Don and the expansion of the city sewer system. The project aims to improve the safety of waste water coming into the river Don and prevent pollution of the river sediment that has accumulated over the past 40 years due to the operation of facilities. Moreover thanks to the reconstruction cleaning performance and the construction of new reservoirs, allowing to connect to a central sewer system of new commercial and residential customers will be benefited.

The project was initiated in August 2008 by the Administration of Rostov region and OJSC "Evraziyskiy", and in December 2008 it was approved by the Government Commission as a project of national importance.

Initiated by «ABVK-ECO» Ltd, the company that was originated by OJSC «Evraziyskiy» to fulfill the goals of its realization for one part and the City Administration of Rostov-on-Don and Rostov region also presenting the grant-in-aid of the Investment Fund of Russian Federation, the Investment Project «Chistiy Don» is being realized.

Guiding project targets are the construction and reconstruction works of certain parts of the water-supply and disposal systems of Rostov-on-Don which provide the access to the water disposal central system in Rostov-on-Don for the consumers as well as the increase quality rate of the water treatment at some water disposal plants and sludge combustion utilization process.

The total amount of capital investments from 2009 to 2013 is about 4.467 billion rubles., more than half of which will be invested in the project company in the form of equity and debt.

As part of the project the private investors will invest money into the construction of a plant for disposal of sludge of sewage treatment facilities, as well as stations for wastewater disinfection with ultraviolet light. Budget project participants are responsible for the completion of the second stage of the reconstruction of wastewater treatment facilities, construction of the sewer and providing technical conditions for connecting objects private investor.

In 2011 the volume of financing for the project amounted to about 2.1 billion rubles, including 373.91 million rubles which were own and borrowed funds of a private investor. In the reporting period the program is supposed to install inventory and survey work on the land for the plant for disposal of sludge and decontamination stations for waste water with ultraviolet light, which is developed for the construction documents and procures equipment.

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